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Sep 21, 2022

How is Artificial Intelligence Changing the Recruiting Process?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a buzzword for decades, but it's only recently that the technology is starting to gain real traction in the business world. The impact of AI on the recruiting process has been significant — and will only continue to grow as more companies adopt AI-powered solutions.


Dec 06, 2021

4 Must-Have Features In A Timesheet App

The digital age is well and truly here, and it's time to meet temporary candidates where they are - on their phones. But with countless timesheet and rostering apps out there, what's most important? We've done the research for you.


Nov 01, 2021

Top 5 HR Tasks That Leading Agencies Automate

Are you bogged down in admin work, spending hours trying to fill each job and follow up with placements? Discover how you can utilise the power of technology to do the busywork for you, and give yourself hours back to build real connections with clients and candidates.


Oct 04, 2021

How To Thrill Your Clients While Working From Home

It's becoming clear that the world of work is changing. We're leveraging software which empowers recruiters to deliver an outstanding client experience, from home.


Sep 06, 2021

How Tech Can Power Your Candidate Recommendations

There's lots to remember when recruiting! Work smarter not harder - use a search and recommendation software tool to streamline your candidate shortlisting process.


Aug 02, 2021

Why TikTok Will Grow Your Recruitment Agency

In the saturated recruitment market, are you doing everything you can to stand out to candidates? Up and coming platforms like TikTok could give you the edge.


Jul 05, 2021

Balancing Act: How To Protect Your Candidates' Down-Time

In the digital age, how do we keep up with the never-ending list of tasks and the constant sense of urgency, without blurring the lines between work and home? Tech could be the answer.


Jun 01, 2021

3 Steps to Recruitment Success

Want to know how to supercharge your temp desk? We discuss recruitment expert Sophie Robertson's tips from her new book, Secrets to Running a Lucrative Temp Desk - and throw in some real-life strategies.


Apr 01, 2021

Cognitive Overload of Video-Conferences

We all feel the Zoom fatigue, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Video calls have been a great solution to keeping everyone safe - but there are downfalls too.


Mar 01, 2021

We Let Our Clients Access Our Candidates

Why on earth would we let other agencies contact and book our temp staff?! Find out how using Scissors for this feature has actually skyrocketed our revenue.


Feb 01, 2021

Scissors Temporary Staffing Software: Our Founder's Story

Scissors founder June Lau shares how her experience as a new migrant shaped our temporary staffing software, helping recruiters and candidates win.

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