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Workforce Management

We Let Our Clients Access Our Candidates

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Caleb Phang - 01 Mar, 2021

Director, Jitbug Recruitment

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Why other recruitment agencies can contact & book our temp employees

Scissors is workforce management software, made by a staffing agency for staffing agencies.

When we started our temporary staffing agency Jitbug in 2015, we wondered if we might be crazy - how were we going to stand out amongst the thousands of agencies across the country? We took a different approach to technology that enabled us to be transparent. We allowed our clients to post jobs, see candidates, message them and select them if they wanted to.

But isn’t that our job? Why would we want to do that? Isn’t this sharing our secret contacts with clients?

The widely held belief that recruiters added value only as matchmakers didn't feel right to us.

Traditionally, companies send their job requirements to an agency and then wait to hear back, without knowing what's happening in the agency. Do they have no suitable candidates, a few or many? Can they trust the result? Ultimately, clients are left wondering and anxious when left out of the process.

We had a hunch that clients and candidates would benefit from more control and choice and once they got a taste of this, they wouldn’t go back.

Doesn’t that cut the agency out of the equation?

The increased transparency didn’t mean we were hands-off, rather that we would collaborate with them to find the best person for the job. All parties could step through the process themselves or follow the progress in real time.

It still seemed crazy at the time to be so transparent and we worried what might happen. But this turned out to be what our customers loved about us.

“Being able to arrange relievers on my own terms using the app is a great feature. This feature is why I would prefer to use Jitbug over any other agency. It makes things so much easier and if there are relievers we like then we are able to put jobs out only to them – this makes having consistent teachers within the centre so much easier!” - Client

"I like that I can actually see the amount of jobs looking for qualified teachers, where they are situated and the exact hours they are needing.” - Candidate

As a result of our transparency, other features and approach to business - we grew our revenue 13x in 3 years.

It wasn’t without hiccups, we had some candidates poached by clients, but this had little impact on us in comparison to our growth. And besides: we want to do business with those who like and trust us and recognise the value we add. And vice versa!

Building a relationship based on transparency and trust led to stronger personal relationships with our stakeholders.

We realised that we’re more than a middleman/agency. We aren’t just a pipe connecting candidates and clients. We’re so much more and strive to be so. From our skills at negotiation, managing expectations around performance and recruitment to our software.

What about you?

When you have a crazy idea or want to make a change – test it out and see what happens. You might be pleasantly surprised. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

What are you resisting? What changes do you need to make to improve your life and business? Make the jump.

If you’re open to improving your staffing processes – reach out the team for a demo of Scissors. They will work with you and help you at each step of the way. Change is easier when you do it with others!

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