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How Tech Can Power Your Candidate Recommendations

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Olivia Hardie-Neil - 06 Sep, 2021

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Don't Rely On Your Memory!

Nowadays, most companies have some sort of recommendation system, whether it’s for online shopping, advertisements, or even driving routes. Needless to say, recommendation systems are not only popular, but also incredibly important for the development and efficiency of a company.

One of the constitutive elements of recruitment is - you guessed it - the candidates. A recruiter’s job is to match the perfect candidate with the perfect opening, which is a job much easier said than done. This is especially true in the temp recruitment industry, where turnover is fast, volume is high, and stress levels can be astronomical! Recruiters working in a fast-paced environment need a reliable system to help them along… but what does this look like? man at desk

Why Recommendations?

A recommendation system will help you to find serendipitous items you didn’t think about. It’s near impossible to remember each candidate, let alone their individual skills, timetables or general location. Trawling through your candidate database can still be quite draining, and you have to manually compare and contrast candidates with similar skills and stats.

Simply put, a recommendation system streamlines tasks that would otherwise be time consuming and complicated. For example, scheduling - creating a roster means that you need to know which employees need to be rostered. Therefore, you have to know their individual schedules, skills, location… the list goes on (and on!). Recruiters in the temp industry are faced with hundreds of candidates and limited jobs, and a strict time frame in which to sort them.

According to the Loop 54 blog, recommendation systems on their own focus on analysing users’ interactions with the software and dealing with a large volume of data – which is perfect for temp recruiters. recruiters working

How Search and Recommendation Functions Work Together

This is where Scissors comes in. We auto-match candidates to your job requirements and use real-time indicators of your candidate’s engagement and history of pairings for clients and candidates. How do we do this? We take the best of both worlds - the search and recommendation functions - and we put them together to give you the optimal experience.

Along with the recommendation system, Loop 54 lists that search functions can index your data efficiently, and rank search results by their relevance to you specifically. This means that working together, search and recommendation systems can arrange the particular candidates you’re thinking of in the perfect order for your opening.

In fact, the Association for Computing Machinery commends constraint-based recommender systems, like Scissors, for their ability to sift through more complex information and services - just like how our temporary staffing software system can examine your candidate database and more.

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