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Delighting your workers

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Creating a repeating job

  1. To create a repeating job, first click the create job tab on the main home page.

  2. Then create the job as normal.

    - As an example if you want to create a repeating job over a certain month. In the 'shift duration' field, edit it so that the shift duration is over month you are wanting the job to be conducted in. Then click the edit shifts button.

    Creating a repeating job 2
  3. In this case I would like to have a repeating job over the month of December, and the job to be conducted every Thursday and Friday. In the edit shifts tab, you can go through and toggle the days you are wanting the job to be on.

    - Then once you are happy with the shifts make sure you click the "Copy these shifts for all of the weeks"

    - So in this example I have turned off Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

    Creating a repeating job 3
  4. Then post the job as normal to the required workers and you will see that the job has been duplicated over the desired month and days.

    Creating a repeating job 4