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Delighting your workers

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Creating a new job

  1. If you are wanting to create a new job for a client, navigate to the 'Create Job' tab.

  2. On the Create Job tab, you can go ahead and enter the details for job you are wanting to post,

    - The client the job is for.
    - The talent pools that are required for the job to.
    - A short description of the work.
    - Number of workers required.
    - Outline the shift hours and dates.

    Once you are happy with the job information select the "Find workers" button.

  3. Then the system will bring up all the workers that fit the description you outlined for the job. Select the workers you want by ticking the box next to their name. Then click the "Post" button.

  4. The system will then post the job to the workers you selected and they will get the opportunity to decline or accept.