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Delighting your workers

What is Scissors?

Scissors App is an online staffing software, designed to assist with the fast-paced world of temporary staffing. Scissors does the heavy lifting for us, so we can focus on building relationships, instead of spending hours finding candidates and completing paperwork. In just one year, with only four staff, our agency made 60,000 temp placements and skyrocketed our revenue 13x in 3 years. Scissors was our secret weapon.

Whether you’re new to recruitment, a temp staffing expert, or just looking for a better way to manage your workforce, we’ve got you covered.

What you can do with Scissors:

  • Screen your new candidates easily using a custom form within your registration page
  • Provide your clients with a seamless, marketplace-style payment option using our Stripe payment integration
  • Post jobs to workers (using our handy auto-shortlist feature)
  • Allow workers to record assignments that haven't been entered into the system
  • Communicate instantly with our in-app job chat
  • Send job invites and confirmations with our third-party SMS integration
  • Manage jobs and approve workers
  • Manage worker information, including automated credential and compliance monitoring
  • Allow your workers to work on their terms with our in-app leave manager and job map
  • Provide a branded client portal for login, job posting, and candidate feedback and rating
  • Use our time clock feature for workers, including optional GPS or kiosk clock-in
  • Automate timesheets (no more paper stacks!)
  • Allow workers to submit expense claims for jobs
  • Export job info to payroll and invoicing software for easy billing
  • Configure custom quote types that match your agency's rate structure
  • Produce intuitive reports for everything from worker info to timesheet data
  • Keep track of your performance using our PowerBI activity reporting add-on

Coming soon...

  • Leverage new activity and financial reporting alongside ROA metrics to boost your agency's performance