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Automate your recruitment process

Scissors optimises the way you manage your workforce, so you can focus on relationships.

With Scissors, you can have it all. Cut through hours of low-value workforce management tasks and get on with delivering an outstanding candidate experience and building your brand presence.

Allow Clients to Self Serve!

Scissors empowers recruiters to reduce placement time by allowing clients to post jobs and approve candidates themselves, freeing up more time to focus on building their business.

Design how your candidates and clients interact with you according to your needs. Our bespoke app allows you to pick and choose the modules that work best for your business.

Shorten the process by giving your clients the ability to create job ads. No need to stay on high alert because the client doesn’t even have to inform you about the job vacancy. At the same time, you as the recruiter will still have oversight of all job ads and their status

Skip another step by giving your clients access to your database. Once they create a job, Scissors generates a short list of qualified candidates highlighting those they’ve previously tagged as favourites. Profiles with feedback and ratings are also available. All the client needs to do is select whom to send the job offer.

Trim down your placement time by allowing clients to post jobs themselves. Once they post the job, the offer gets sent straight to the candidates they’ve selected from the short list. No more rushing to get a job offer across to your workers.

Delegate the final decision making to your client by allowing them to approve applicants themselves. You’ll be able to see if a candidate has been chosen by checking the job status.

Empower your client to reach out directly to the candidate they hired while staying in the loop for support. Three-way chats between you, your client, and the worker allow you to monitor the conversation and jump in when needed
Customize your features
Let them post the jobs
Let them select the candidates
Let them make the offer
Let them make their choice
Let them do the talking

Easy and Hassle-free Timesheets!

Scissors saves time, money and effort by reducing paper processing with digital timesheets and automatic notifications, allowing businesses to breeze through billing and payroll while focusing on growth.

Mobile push notifications remind workers to clock-in/out and to submit their timesheet as soon as their shift is over. Each notification takes them directly to the app so they can act on it right away.

With digital timesheets, workers no longer need to hunt down managers to sign off on a paper timesheet. Start and end times are pre-filled to lessen errors. Candidates can edit the times to ensure accuracy. They can submit in two clicks and they’re on their way.

Managers instantly receive an email notification once the timesheet is submitted. They can approve it on the spot without having to log into the actual app.

All edits to timesheets are timestamped and linked to an account for a digital audit trail.

Workers can use their mobile app to conveniently clock in/out, with a GPS function that registers their location. The app also allows bar code scanning when available onsite. These methods reduce the chances of "buddy punching" and assure clients of the worker’s whereabouts at the start and end of the shift.

Temps can submit expense claims alongside their timesheets and monitor the approval status. No need to fill out long forms or chase up the finance people manually.

You can select all outstanding timesheets and email them to clients all in one go. These reminders are customizable, so you can include helpful information about your processes or reiterate contractual deadlines.
Timely Reminders
Easy Submission
Quick Approval
Digital Auditing
Reliable Clock-In/Out
Convenient Reimbursements
Bulk Follow-Ups

All-Encompassing Candidate Experience!

Scissors enhances the candidate journey by tailoring the process and making it more enjoyable, contributing to a positive candidate experience that keeps temp agencies healthy.

While “Sorry, I’m not available” is a reply you never want to hear, candidates are simply unwilling to work all the time. Scissors allows them to block off certain days, extended periods, or even half a day so they can still take morning or evening shifts. That way, they only get shortlisted when they’re available. They also never get double-booked

Some candidates prefer to only travel so far. It saves time, money, energy, and the environment. Scissors lets them set their distance preference, so they only get offered jobs within their desired vicinity. Our Google Maps integration allows them to see exactly where the job is.

Scissors allows your clients to post jobs as early as they want. This allows your temps to see the opportunities ahead, so they don’t have to rely on just this one gig. They can plan their life and not worry about where their next pay check will come from.

Workers can turn off their notifications if they don’t want to be bothered at the moment. They simply need to log into the app to get updated.

Workers want to work where they want and for who they want. Sometimes they have negative experiences with a company and would never want to work there again. You can make them invisible to selected companies so they don’t appear on the shortlist, even if they’re qualified for the job.

Scissors allows temps to submit expense claims through the app and monitor approval status. No need to fill up long forms or chase up the finance people manually.

Candidates can receive and give feedback on the app directly, helping to make the next job a better experience for everyone. They can also be rated and tagged as favourites by clients, so they stand out on the shortlist

Scissors makes things easy for candidates to do the important stuff. Crucial actions such as applying for a job or submitting pre-filled timesheets can each be done in two clicks.
Find Who's Free
Keep Their Distance
See The Future
Do Not Disturb
Hide & Don't Seek
Show Them The Money
For Better, Not For Worse
Two Click Finish

Compliance Document Database!

Scissors centralizes document storage and automates compliance monitoring for candidate management. This prevents missed job opportunities due to non-compliance and keeps your database updated.

Store and organise all your candidate's documents in one place for easy access and validation. Your candidate's profile becomes the single source of truth, showing each document's real status and version.

We store all information in geographically appropriate locations to meet data sovereignty requirements. All your data will be safe, no matter where you operate.

Never lose out on a job again due to lapsed documents. Scissors keeps track of expiry dates for you, so you no longer need to monitor them manually.

Scissors alerts you and your candidates when any of their documents are about to expire. These push notifications and automatic emails help you keep your candidate's information upto-date. You can configure the notice period per document to give candidates as much time as they need to renew them.

Scissors allows clients to validate a candidate's qualifications once the job is booked. You can send compliance documentation to clients with the press of a button. This saves time and gives clients the reassurance they need.
Single Source of Truth
Secure Cloud Storage
Automated Compliance Monitoring
Expiry Notifications
Proof of Compliance

AI-Based Candidate Search!

Scissors enhances the candidate journey by tailoring the process and making it more enjoyable, contributing to a positive candidate experience that keeps temp agencies healthy.

Our AI-based candidate search instantly finds the best qualified workers for the job. They. will have the necessary skills and experience required. Their documents will be up to date. They will be available to work and will be willing to travel the distance. All these factors and preferences are considered so that you only get candidates who will most likely be interested in the job. This means no more time wasted on a candidate who will say “no”.

Our easy-to-use interface allows you create a job with hardly any manual input. Most fields have pre-set options, which means less room for error. Simply pick date, time, type of job, then you’re ready to choose workers

You can choose to offer the job to selected or all candidates on the short list. Preferred workers are listed separately as “Favorites”, helping you to decide even quicker. All selected candidates are instantly notified once you send out the job offer. They can apply in once click and you can hire them on the spot. Simply approve the applicant of your choice, and you’ve filled the job!

Instant messaging allows you to connect with candidates individually throughout the entire process, up until they complete the job. You can answer questions, send updates, check on their whereabouts, ask them how the job went, just about anything!
Shorten the Short List
Create Jobs Quickly and Accurately
Fill Jobs Fast
Stay in Touch

Happy clients

  • “Scissors is so easy to use for our team as well as our clients and contractors. It has transformed our business -- ensuring we are on the cutting edge in our market and stand out from the crowd. The service and support provided by the Scissors team was exceptional. They took the time to really understand our business and shape the app to work for us. They are easy to communicate with and have the desired skill of being able to translate IT language into layman's terms. I would recommend Scissors to everyone!”
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    Image of Penny smiling

    Penny Tkaczuk

    Director, Dynamic Caregiving

  • “I just wanted to say a massive thank you. This week has been the first week I have used the app for bookings. You have literally brought me into the 21st century. Yesterday was so busy there was no way I could have kept up without the App. It is so nice to be able to see who I have where for the day.”
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    Image of Clinton smiling

    Clinton Standen

    Director, Quality Recruitment Queensland

  • "Our bookings process has been cut by half. Timesheet processing and Payroll approval is 70% faster. Rostering, adding shifts and filling them is now such a simple process. We believe in a Simple Simon approach. What we do does not need to be complicated as it takes time away from filling the next shift and getting the next client satisfied. Scissors cuts through the “drag and monotonies” of recruitment to get to the REAL work done -- getting staff and clients connected."
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    Review by Marius Naude

    Marius Naude

    General Manager, Medihire

Scissors optimises the way you manage your workforce, so you can focus on relationships.

With Scissors, you can have it all. Cut through hours of low-value workforce management tasks and get on with delivering an outstanding candidate experience and building your brand presence.