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Staffing software, made by staffers

Hi, we're Scissors 👋

The Scissors Story

Our founders were recruiters, and they were adamant that even in the fast-paced world of temporary staffing, people were the priority. Relationships with clients and temporary employees shouldn’t suffer just because everything was urgent. They knew that the best staffing solutions should focus on connecting the sides of the temp relationship.

That's why we created our very own online staffing software - Scissors. It did the heavy lifting for us, so we could focus on building relationships, instead of spending hours finding candidates and completing paperwork. In just one year, with only four staff, we made 60,000 temp placements and skyrocketed our revenue 13x in 3 years. Scissors was our secret weapon.

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Now, we're sharing our secrets with you.

Even though we focus on making online staffing software these days, we’re still putting people first. That’s why our roadmap is flexible, we continuously make changes based on user feedback, and we create the best staffing solutions with accessible interfaces that your whole team can use.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to help temporary staffing agencies bring out the best in their talent pool, delight their candidates, and deliver max value to their clients.

Our Team

The Humans Behind Scissors

Temp staffing is our job – connecting people is what we love

June hiking up the stairs

June Lau is founder, backend developer, chief samosa buyer.

Eric hitting badminton shuttlecock

Eric Zhai: backend genius with a secret badminton talent.

Jules playing video games

Jules O’Dea handles front-end and digital. Ever pondering the next cricket match.

Andrew Mozolev is a developer and the fittest person in the office, powered almost entirely by eggs. 

monk running through field

Monk is the Chief of Pats here in our office. We mostly pay him in jelly meat.

And most importantly, 12,000+ happy users (and counting! )

People at work

Scissors is powered by...

  • Magical staffing solutions
  • Valuing relationships
  • The wonderful New Zealand sun
  • Delighting clients
  • Laughing alot
  • Making stuff (and breaking stuff)
  • Celebrating together

and saying no to...

  • Overworking
  • Sacrificing quality for quantity
  • Losing at board games
  • Impossible deadlines
  • Resisting chocolate
  • Bringing egos to the office
Auckland home of Scissors Software

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